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Facilitating collaboration, connection and opportunity

From world-class faculty to experienced staff, the strength of Cornell Bowers CIS is in the connections and collaborations we create with our students, our alumni and partners across campus and in industry.

Dean's Office


Kavita Bala, Dean

105 Bill & Melinda Gates Hall

Phone: 607.255.9188


Caitlin Fields, Executive Staff Assistant to the Dean

105 Bill & Melinda Gates Hall

Phone: 607.255.9188


Pat Musa, Associate Dean for Strategic Projects

105C Bill & Melinda Gates Hall

Phone: 607.255.9219


Kellie Page, Associate Dean, Administration and Finance


David Bindel, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion 

425 Bill & Melinda Gates Hall


Danielle Bluey, Associate Dean, Alumni Affairs and Development


Larry Blume, Interim Associate Dean for Education


Carrie Irwin, HR Director

105E Bill & Melinda Gates Hall


Laura Batten, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Bill & Melinda Gates Hall

Phone: 607.255.3952


Yl Guanchez, Finance Manager

105 Bill & Melinda Gates Hall

Phone: 607.255.7336


Ingrid Jensen, Director of Student Services

527 Rhodes Hall

Phone: 607-255-3702


Thorsten JoachimsAssociate Dean for Research


Melissa Osgood, Director of Communications

105D Bill & Melinda Gates Hall

Phone: 607.254.8855


LeeAnn Roberts, Director for the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

526 Rhodes Hall


Scott Yoest, Senior Director of Information Technology Service Group

Gates Hall




Computer Science Department

402 Bill & Melinda Gates Hall

Phone: 607.255.0983

Éva Tardos, Chair

Tammy Gardner, Director of Administration


Information Science Department

236 Bill & Melinda Gates Hall

Phone: 607.255.6571

David Williamson, Chair

Eileen Grabosky, Director of Administration


Department of Statistics and Data Science

301 Malott Hall

Phone: 607.255.8066

Martin Wells, Chair

Donna Bunce, Director of Administration


Sponsored Research Administration

Sponsored Research website



Claudia Wojcinski, Director

107A Bill & Melinda Gates Hall

Phone: 607.255.9218


IT Service Group


IT Service Group website


Scott Yoest, Director

130 Bill & Melinda Gates Hall

Help Desk:


Gates Hall Facilities Coordinator

Scott Albrecht

131 Phillips Hall

Phone: 607.255.6303

​For room reservation and tour requests, please contact the Corenll Bowers CIS Dean's Office.


Business Service Center

111 Ward Center