Cornell Bowers College of Computing and Information Science
photo of Mei Lean Kwan


Student Profile: Mei Lean Kwan, Info Sci MPS'16

Because of its interdisciplinary nature, Cornell Information Science hosts some of the best and brightest students from various fields of study. Mei Lean Kwan is a good example of that. The second-semester MPS student completed her undergraduate studies in Economics at the University of Washington and enrolled in Cornell's MPS program in Fall 2015. Find out why Mei chose Cornell, the class she would most recommend to students and what she thinks about living in Ithaca.

Where are you from? I'm from Malaysia.

Why did you choose Cornell’s MPS in Info Sci? One aspect that differentiated this program from others is that I am given the time and opportunity to develop technical skills that were lacking. I was also attracted to the flexibility of the program that allows me to carve my own curriculum based on my interests.

What has been your favorite MPS class thus far, and why? My favorite MPS class so far is Health and Computation. Despite going in with little knowledge of technology in healthcare, this class has taught me so much about technology in healthcare via readings, seminars and discussions. In addition, learning about what new technology has to offer and thinking of a solution to extend the boundaries of current technologies were very intellectually stimulating. I highly recommend this class to students who want to seek challenges while learning about cutting-edge computing in health. 

What do you like about living in Ithaca? To be honest, I came to Ithaca with no expectations, and my experience living here has been great so far. The environment is really conducive for studying and being involved with campus activities, not to mention being able to get everything I need by walking or getting the bus.

What aspects of the MPS program do you find most beneficial? In general, access to professors, career resources and facilities in Gates Hall. Because this is a very career-focused program, everyone is super friendly and willing to work together to help you to succeed!